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Natlampe LED - Dino

Natlampe LED - Dino

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The KIDYNIGHT is a night light with a soothing light intensity, not least because of the colour diversity of the LED light inside it. This allows you to choose between three light settings: white, coloured light, and even interchanging colours using the slideshow setting. It’s all easy and intuitive to use. All you need to do is use the touch function to find the perfect light for your child. 

The built-in battery allows up to 12 hours of continuous use, and lets your little one calmly drift off to sleep in the company of  their preferred KIDYNIGHT shape. The KIDYNIGHT lamp comes in the shape of a variety of different animals, that will keep your child company, and settle them into a good night’s sleep. The KIDYNIGHT lamp is easy to keep clean, all you need to do is wash the silicone in the washing machine (without the electronic LED part, of course).

This KIDYNIGHT lamp comes in the shape of a dinosaur
The essential night light that will accompany and soothe your children during their sleep.

Soft and cuddle-friendly material
Made from silicone, the KIDYNIGHT has a soft and supple touch, which will allow children to not just enjoy the light feature, but also play with their nightlight without injury. 

Multicolor LED
The night light has two different light intensity settings and colour modes (white as well as a multitude of colours). You can choose the slideshow mode, or simply set it to the colour of your choice.

Easy to recharge and has a powerful battery 
Charging is done quickly via USB. Up to 12 hours of continuous use.

Simple to clean
You can easily remove the silicone form, and wash it in your dishwasher. 

• Multi-colour night light
• Rechargeable battery (1200mAh)
• Soft silicone texture
• USB charging
• Dishwasher safe

• Switches off automatically after 30 minutes.


KIDYNIGHT er en natlampe med et behageligt og beroligende lys, der skaber tryghed for dit barn, så det lettere kan falde i søvn. 
LED'ens farve diversitet gør det ekstra let at finde den rette lysstyrke for dit barn. 
Det kraftige indbyggede batteri giver op til 12 timers lys. -Et must-have på værelset til de små. Det er desuden let at vaske silikonen i vaskemaskinen (uden den elektroniske LED-del, naturligvis).

KIDYNIGHT er en natlampe i form af et kæledyr, der skaber hygge og tryghed for dit barn mens det falder i søvn.

KIDYNIGHT har en touch-funktion, som giver dig mulighed for at vælge den perfekte lys tilstand: hvid eller farvet.

Nem genopladning og kraftfuldt batteri: Opladning sker hurtigt og via USB. Batteritid på op til 12 timer. 

Let at rengøre: Du fjerner silikoneformen nemt, og putter den derefter i opvaskemaskinen. 

Egenskaber :

• Flerfarvet natlys

• Genopladeligt batteri (1200mAh)

• Blød silikone tekstur

• USB-opladning

• Tåler opvaskemaskine

• Slukker automatisk efter 30 minutter.

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